María Mercedes Champion

Play, Learn
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Early childhood teacher and consultant educated in:

Playing and Learning Together

So many guidelines, so little time! I use play as a learning tool to teach all the guidelines while allowing my students to be creative, have choices, and have a growth mindset.

El lenguaje oral comienza en casa

Bilingualism; building brain power!

Learning another language is a difficult task that requires lots of support by families and educators, let’s answer some questions you may have about second language acquisition and the ways we can support our students and families learning another language.


I have taught Pre-k general and bilingual students for 16 years at different school districts in San Antonio, Tx including a charter school. 



an early childhood educator, teaches meaningful language development through practical activities, transitions and music.


Well-planned songs and smooth transitions throughout the day will enhance teaching and save teachers time. Students will be able to learn difficult concepts through music and have fun while doing it.

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attend Champion’s session “All Day, Every Day FUN: Meaningful Language Development Activities and Transition”.

Session description

Learn it today, apply it on Monday! Learn fun language development songs, activities and transitions in English and Spanish to increase phonological awareness throughout a preschooler’s day.

Playing and learning together

So many guidelines so little time! Use play as a learning tool to teach all the guidelines while allowing your students to be creative and have a growth mindset.

Customer´s reviews

My fav session at the SDE Texas Conference in Arlington so far: From Scribbles to letters. María Mercedes Champion knows where it´s at!! #Sdeevents
Elicia Krumnow
Te vi y pensé: ella es la Dra. Jean Latina!! D show!!
Puerto Rico
I’m an esl teacher from Argentina.
I coordinate young teachers. Your suggestions were very useful! Thanks again!
Ana Lía Fite